Wednesday, 1 February 2017

Monash Rural Health and Bendigo Bank launch new community award for medical students

A new collaboration with Bendigo Bank will enable Monash medical students on placement in rural towns to link up with those communities on health-related projects.

The initiative will see students work with representatives of local communities to develop and implement a project relevant to the health needs of those communities or link in with existing projects. At the end of the students' placement they will make a presentation to members of the local community and one project will win the Bendigo Bank Community Award.

Year 4C students at the Community Award launch. (Photo courtesy Bendigo Bank)

Bendigo Bank's Scott Elkington and John Siroli (Photo courtesy Bendigo Bank)
The award is the brain child of Bendigo GP Dr Dennis O'Connor, Bendigo Bank's Scott Elkington, and Castlemaine Health's Jen Oxley. Speaking at the launch of the Community Award on Monday, Scott Elkington said the Bendigo Bank understood partnerhips and the importance of social capital. Dr O'Connor who is also Monash Rural Health Bendigo's Year 4C Academic Coordinator, said the aim of the initiative was to give students a chance to give something back to the communities who generously supported their placements.

Linking with passionate community representatives through the Bendigo Bank will make certain the projects filled a genuine need and give students real links into the people who live in the regions.

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