Monday, 5 September 2016

Taste of research life in Bendigo

Three students spent time at Monash Rural Health Bendigo in December 2014 and January 2015 working with Senior Research Fellow, Dr Bernadette Ward, on current research projects.

Jarrod Verity

I want to thank Dr Bernadette Ward and staff at the School of Rural Health for making my time there so enjoyable and valuable.

Being able to actually apply the skills I’ve been taught in classes to real research was extremely satisfying, and my proficiency in SPSS has greatly improved as a result. Being able to live in another city was also a highlight, and something I’m sure many students would love to have in the future.

Finally, the chance to go to Mildura fulfilled one of my biggest goals for the trip; to go out and see the countryside and life away from Melbourne.  I won’t ever forget that trip, even if it was for only two days.  I’ll definitely be telling my friends to keep their eyes open once new scholarships are released next year - many of them were quite amazed a program like this was available.

Kate Xu

My research experience at the School of Rural Health in Bendigo provided me with a great opportunity to get involved in analysing survey data using SPSS software; I have learnt a lot from the hands-on experience under the supervision of Dr Bernadette Ward and Dr Rebecca Kippen. It was exciting to reveal some interesting results.

The research environment at Bendigo was very supportive and inspiring, allowing me to extend my professional network. Besides academic support, my supervisors and the team also hosted me warmly throughout my stay. I stayed at a big, modern student resident house close to Monash University. In summary, the Summer Research Scholarship provided me with invaluable experience of researching, learning, travelling and networking. I truthfully wish to join the team again in the future.

Hannah Punton

My project involved cleaning and analysing secondary data. It was the second biggest excel sheet I have ever seen! Yet with the help of Dr Bernadette Ward and another student, I was able to power through while developing some keen skills on the number pad.

I very much enjoyed my time here, I met great people, and learned more about the School of Rural Health, which I hope to remain a part of for some time. Furthermore, this experience has enabled me to get involved in a medical research project at my placement in Traralgon.

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