Thursday, 12 May 2016

Simulated skating accident provides clinical communications training

Students worked with paramedics during the simulated emergency.
Skaters at Henderson Park in Mildura who fell and broke limbs in early May had plenty of help close at hand. Fortunately for the “patients”, the accident was simulated as part of the training for second year medical students at Monash Rural Health Mildura. Monash Rural Health supervisors and Ambulance Victoria were also part of the scenario created for the two students.

The simulated incident was important training for the students, particularly for building skills in reacting to an outside emergency and working closely with paramedics in handover protocol.

The students, playing the roles of doctors, were first on the scene, had to treat the ‘patient’ then do the face-to-face handover to the paramedics. The ambulance then transported the patient back to the school, where all students participated in an educational session about plastering.

The students followed the ISBAR model of patient care and clinical handover: Introduction, Situation, Background, Assessment and Recommendation.

A close look at the inside of the ambulance before handing over to Emergency Department doctors
The scenario gave students the opportunity to ask the paramedics questions about their roles and responsibilities in rural communities, and to get a close-up look inside the ambulance.

Back at the Monash Rural Health Mildura, there was a simulated demonstration of a paramedic handing over to the Emergency Department doctor and then a plastering session in the Sim Lab.

“This type of training is not only great for developing effective communication but it helps to give students an understanding of the approach to clinical communication and community handover in a health care setting,” Kendall Livingstone, Manager Monash Rural Health Mildura,  said.

The students were in Mildura for two weeks to experience some aspects of rural health services. They joined 33 other medical students who were already in Mildura on longer placements of between six and 38 weeks.

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