Wednesday, 9 March 2016

Melbourne to host World Congress of Nephrology 2019

Melbourne has won the bid to host the International Society of Nephrology’s biennial World Congress of Nephrology (WCN), the premiere event in nephrology education and research.

Led by Professor Peter Kerr, Monash University and recently appointed Head of Rural Health at Monash University Professor Robyn Langham, a group of Melbourne nephrologists bid for the 2019 congress.

Win: Professor Peter Kerr (above) and Professor Robyn Langham headed a successful bid to host the World Congress of Nephrology in 2019.

“In the same way as cities bid to host the Olympics or World Cup, Melbourne competed against other Australian and international cities to host this high profile event,” said Professor Kerr, who is also Director of Nephrology at Monash Health and Editor in Chief of Nephrology.

Last held in Australia (in Sydney) in 1998, recent congresses have been in Cape Town, Hong Kong and Vancouver with up to 6000 conference participants.

“In choosing Melbourne, the International Society of Nephrology (ISN) cited the city’s excellent facilities, well located hotels and public transport, along with the high profile of Australian nephrology clinical practice, education and research.”

“Australian nephrology has always held a prominent position internationally and this congress will further cement our place,” added Professor Kerr.

“Over the next 3 years we intend to put together a strong program, not only showcasing nephrology but also Melbourne.”

While a forum to advance physician education and support the development of clinical research into kidney disease, the WCN is also an ideal opportunity to increase public awareness of kidney health.

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